Into: Azdrack


My name is Azdrack and I look forward to learning what this community has to offer and what I can be able to offer as well.

I am currently attending Technical College to continue my education as a Diesel Mechanic. I am going to return for my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering when I am finished.

In terms of gaming I come from a wide variety of games and communities. I have primarily been apart of Arma Milsim communities but have been thoroughly sprinkled with Eve Online Alliances/Corps as well. Otherwise I am pretty casual and play almost every genre of game out there.

Thank you for the Opportunity to become a member of this well established community.


Hey Azdrack,

Welcome to the community. Was great talking with you for an hour or so today, looking forward to getting in game with you a good bit!


Welcome to the squad Azdrack!

We look forward to having you in our ranks. You’ve picked a great time and a great org to join!

See you in the verse!


Hi Azdrack,

Welcome to ADI! That’s awesome you’re into diesel mechanics. I had a few high school friends that went into that field, it’s nice. Looking forward seeing you around. Best wishes to you

Welcome to ADI shipmate!

Hi Azdrack,

nice to have you in the org, lookiong forward to see you in the verse


Welcome Azdrack - From a fellow ME and lover of all things that produce black smoke and make more torque that HP! Are you training mostly to work on the big guys or the consumer vehicles? Great to have you and hope to catch you around the verse!

Welcome Azdrack! Let’s get the game on. What you been playin lately? Any PUBG?

Welcome to ADI!

Looking forward to flying with you.