Interoduction: Kiabanana

So I’m new to the game as I got it 4 days ago, but I got the fundamentals down on playing the game I do enjoy mining a lot and id love to go into that as I like the money it gets and its kind of a peaceful job well when rocks don’t explode in zero gravity its peaceful. But short and simple id love to join the mining div.

Ha. We have a good few minters in ADI. I will try to not blow you up with rocks though :wink:

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI Kiabanana! I just joined in Feb and am in the mining division too. Love breaking that rock. I have a Prospector and plan on getting a Mole at some point. See you in the Verse!

Welcome Kiabanana! Many mining aficionados in the org, I am sure you will be swapping best mining locations and tips in no time/ If you are ever interested in other activities the mumble server is full of people willing to do stuff.

Welcome! Mining is one of the few things that is fully implemented in the game. Have you taken a trip in a mole yet? those things are a blast!

If you enjoy mining Im always looking for miners on my Mole. Multi crew mining ship in case you didnt know. Hit me up anytime, welcome aboard

Welcome Kiabanana. Check out multicrew opportunities with other miners, it’s more fun with others.

Welcome to ADI! Yeah mining is peaceful =) Kind of relaxing taking the old Prospector out, opening a beer and blasting the speakers in the ship, enjoying the view over Daymar while the sun is setting in the horizon =)
Hope to see you in the verse soon! And do not forget to get on mumble when playing, then you wont be alone, and you will get help with any problems you might have =)

Welcome to ADI Kiabanana. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI! I want to get into mining as well so maybe we can both rent prospectors and go on a mining trip. See you in the verse!

Welcome Kiabana! We have lots of miners so you’ll have plenty of kindred spirits!

Hi and welcome! Yea I got a prospector and love it! Will be fine to mine with you sometime!

Hey kiabanana welcome to ADI, hope you enjoy hitting rocks as much as i do, or eating ships when that comes available.

welocme to adi kiabanana, wait for it there might be a kia branded bananas ingame

Welcome! I love to mine too. I look forward to flying with you!