!!!! Infinite Loading with new patch !!!!

Ok I’ve ran into a problem all of a sudden with the infinite loading screen which I knew noting about until it happened to me and I started researching it. So far I’ve tried all I’ve found for the most part. Uninstalled entire game, game files and all, then re downloaded, re-installed and then verified just again to be safe. Still can’t load into anything, no Hanger, no PU, no Arena Commander, not a damn thing!! Anyone have suggestions? I have windows 10 all up to date, 8 gb ram, video card is all good, had no other problems until this last patch. Someone HELP please!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :open_mouth:

When you are reinstalling the game are you uninstalling the old version? (removing any left over files such as custom configs / user folder)

If you are it should replace the userfolder with your new reinstall.
If not and your only installing the new game over the old one, any files like configs in the userfolder will most likely remain. Probably worth removing those.

Any time I’ve had a loading problem (or most any problem actually) deleting the USER folder solves it:

Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public\USER

I have the same issue but it is only when trying to load Arc Corp. After deleting the user file this issue was solved.

Ok thank you all for the help but for some reason all I did was run the CIGLauncher App again and then tried going into the game and it loads now!! I can get into Arena Commander and my Hangar no problem but connecting to the Universe it’s still somewhat buggy as I get an error code telling me couldn’t connect but it eventually goes through also. So all good, strange though, but hey it’s Alpha right!! Thanks again gang!!

Next time you get an error code take note of which number it is and post it here or on the Q&A forum on RSI. This will tell you the exact problem. There’s known solutions for them.