Infinite Loading / Crashes / Advice? - SOLVED

Hi there, I’m new here so I hope its ok if I ask about this in the General Cat.

Well… now I can’t log in.

Two words - Infinite loading

Updated: also getting 16008 error.

I’ve submitted a ticket, I’ve asked around on concierge… was given a couple suggestions that didn’t pan out.

Maybe someone here can offer a bit of advice?

What happened:

Last night I undocked at CRU-L1 with a Carrack and hovered above the station. The game crashed and went to desktop. I tried logging back in, infinite loading… I tried again and again, rebooting my computer, deleting user/shader files…putting in a ticket. I gave up after a while.

This morning, I try again - still infinite loading. I perform a character reset and again infinite loading, still. I try reinstalling the game… still infinite loading.

Some suggestions I’ve tried:

verifying game files
reinstalling graphics driver
uninstalling sonic studio III
logging into Arena Commander (infinite loading there too)

I’ve had a rough go of it so far. I’ve already done one other character reset and reinstall of the game bc of a host of issues from ships floating in hangers, arms raise above characters head, game crashes… and I only started playing last week.

Am I the only one with all these crazy things happening?

I’m on a brand-new machine and have a hard time believing it’s my computer since it runs perfectly otherwise.

Any advice?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Though I haven’t had that problem since 3.15, I found I had to do a complete wipe and reinstall of the game about once a month for a while.

I installed once today, perhaps I missed something in the uninstall of the previous. I’m giving it another go. Thank you for your input!

Update… no luck. Reinstalled and same issue. ugh.

You know… apparently running your DDR5 ram at 6000mhz can sometimes cause random issues… including causing game crashes and infinite loading screens.

I reduced the speed to 5600 and so far so good… we’ll see.

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