Inferno or Ion?

So which do you all prefer? I am really looking at the Inferno just because or Brrrrrrrrrrttttttt…

I seen where people have done tests showing the Ion hits targets consistently at 500-2km range. The Inferno is good for sub 500.

Any thoughts?

It depends on what you prefer. I like popping targets from afar with ion. Others may consider it boring and enjoy actual fighting and bright sparks of hull damage).
Although when armor is a thing, there will be no explosions unless some volatile stuff gets hit. As for the maximum range, it does say it’s supposed to be 2800, but during expo it was about 5-6km.

The above and …

You will pop medium to larger targets faster with an Inferno. A good pilot in anything smaller is going to chew you up if they get close so keep that in mind. I know what they did that but the ARES should be one of the most maneuverable heavy fighters instead of the one of the less maneuverable since it is a Crusader (CIG just killed their lore but then again, it is CIG). Dog fighting seems easier in a Vanny and Hurricane.

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You can PVE with an Inferno but it is a pain. Even though, you are supposed to do more damage than energy, you hit quite a bit less in a spread than one energy bolt. They should increase the damage like the BRRRTTTT in DCS. Also, even though, you have good range with the ballistic cannon too, you rarely hit out in a distance. To me, it’s a bug, or CIG is being too restrictive. Granted, this should not be the king of fighters, but it should still hit more often or cause more damage per hit than it does now.

I couldn’t wait, so I bought the Inferno lol… I just love the gun…

I personally prefer the ion, not having to worry about bullets and having that high alpha with each shot puts in work. But due to its terrible maneuverability, a vanguard with all laser cannons would be the better choice.

I switched to the ION. Although, I may switch to the Tally, not sure yet? Before stealth and torps were ruined more with the recent releases. I could get in close and kill an ERT HH almost every pass with an Eclipse. Now, I miss more often and it is almost not worth firing a torp at them with an Eclipse. I hear people are having better luck with a Tally so I may try that?

Yep, I’ve been using a Tali to run the Miles missions. Just charge towards the Hammer Head with a Tali max shields, corkscrew to avoid fire, speed-brake to drop to SCM speed, shoot him at 4k away head on. BOOM. Full boost, Fly past his debris and away from his pals.

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