Indroduction - Naomitor

Hi my name is Naomitor,

I’m a 17-year-old student from Germany.
I hope we can have a good exploring time together.

Welcome aboard.

Hello Namitor!

I just replied to your post in the RSI forums asking if you were interested in joining up. I guess that question is answered.

When you have a few minutes, please make sure you hop on our mumble server so we can get you properly onboarded and introduced to everyone.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey there Naomitor - Welcome to the ADI community!

As Terraphon said - hop onto our mumble server when you get a moment - while you are there you can complete the ADI onboarding process which will give you access to the rest of our member forums and discord services - we use these to keep in touch and coordinate games, training, etc etc.

If you have any questions while you are here, please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us. If we cannot provide you with an answer to your question, we will be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

Welcome again and I look forward to seeing you on mumble and getting some game time in.

Hey Naomitor,

on behalf of Atlas Defense Industries many exclusive members, welcome, and thank you for your interest both Star Citizen and ADI! When you find some time, continue to hop in Mumble in order to better familiarize yourself with a few of our many members. We look forward to seeing you at our Friday night flight nights if you can make them. We’re happy to have you as part of the family, let us know if you have any questions.


Hi Naomitor! Welcome to the ADI. Have fun and see you around! :slight_smile: