Immersive Tablet Control for ship systems

Not sure if this is the right board or if someone already posted it but I’m gonna risk it, cus I’m a risk taker.
So I’ve found an app from Roccat called Power Grid and on this site someone made presets or something for Star Citizen, you can control your shields, weapon systems and more from a Tablet or your phone, looks pretty awesome, you should check it out.
See you all in the verse.

Heya Lorder23, there is a thread on powergrid [url]ADI Forum
although i don’t think any of the files have been updated lately.
Jay also has a much better option in development so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Do you know “Voice Attack!”?
Even more awesome!

With this programm you can speak commands out and the ship will do it on its own.
But in contrast to Roccat Power Grid it costs 8$ which I think is super cheap for such a fun and useful feature.

It works with all games and with Windows too so you can also start programs.

Here’s one exaple to show how it works:

And following the website where you can aquire Voice Attack!:

There’s been a few posts about VoiceAttack. Keep in mind that using it for anything in a combat situation is going to be highly ineffective and even dangerous.

Although I agree it can be nice to use sometimes for unimportant things, I’ve learnt to stop using it after the “wow” effect faded away.

PowerGrid or anything similar on the other hand could come quite handy and actually improve pilots’ performances and results in some case (it all depends what will be made possible with it).

To add to Sangoria’s comments on Voice Attack (VA). I use it for Elite Dangerous and all too often find myself repeating commands; sometimes three times. You really need to articulate to get VA to be effective. I did find that when adding fing to my commands, it seems to understand me more, though I can’t imagine why. One example is “Open system map.” Perhaps it’s the two m’s that I’m slurring together a little but "Open the fing system map" seems to work every time. So, from my experience, VA is fun and adds to the immersion but as Sangoria mentioned it’s not very effective during combat. Well unless you want to swear into your mic at the top of your voice. If you choose this method, please insure that you are not using the same push to talk button as with Mumble.

There is the risk of the voice not being recognized as you rightly point out, but more importantly, it adds a lot of delay compared to a button press. Hence why I call it “ineffective”.

Voice attack is sweet, particularly for the “cool factor” and immersion that it can offer, but that sort of breaks down when it doesn’t recognize your command. Non-criticals are a lot of fun, though.

I agree VoiceAttack is awesome and sweet and I need to try it ASAP but the thing I was pointing out about the Powerr Grid and tablet is about immersion and the abilty to have power controls next to you on a second screen for is fun and usefull however a combination of PowerGrid and Voice Attack would be extremely cool and awesome. Btw I didn’t know Jay had a topic about about I just wanted to share this cus I found out about it a few days ago and thought it was usefull and nice. :slight_smile:

Having participated in our own testing for PowerGrid. Here’s my 2-cents:
It is fun, it is a novel way of controlling your ships sub-systems.
However, it’s just not combat-ready. Either way, I like to use it on occasion here and there.

As far as I know both SC and powergrid are in alpha soooo… give it time my young padawan. :slight_smile:

Actually Power grid isn’t getting anything new added to it. Only bug fixes. Swarm was suppose to replace it but right now that just key binds and light software for their mice and keyboards.

I’ve used Power Grid myself and like it, I’ll be using it for the non combat functions of the game, but until those functions are made I’ve put it on hold. I’ve made my own plugin grid that can act as many grid in one, better than just binding keys with the built in grid maker.