Im TippOfficial

Hey just got invited to the ADI org on Star Citizen. I used to play Elite: Dangerous when it first came out but I never got involved in an guild/clan there but from playing it there is a lot I can transfer over to SC so hopefully I get the hang of things fast. I also have played Arma 3 and a lot of tactical RP so Im looking forward to being here.

Welcome to the Org TippOfficial, It was nice talking to you during your onboarding you sound like a great guy I look forward to playing with you.

Greetings Tipp, glad to have you aboard. Already cahtted in mumble with you… will see you in the ‘verse’.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries TippOfficial!

Tipp, It’s always great to meet other players from Elite Dangerous. We live in a great time for space sims. Talk soon, and if you need a wingman in the 'verse send me a message.

Grats dude!
Welcome welcome! :ugeek: