Im Featherfighter

its me :). U can also call me Feather ( im more used to that tbh). Ive been playing star citizen for a little over a week by now and i quite like bounty hunting / mercenary work and im pretty good at the fps aspect of star citizen. happy to be playing with all of u guys in the future <3


Howdy and welcome to ADI, glad to have you with us in the verse and look forward to good times!

Welcome to ADI(I recruited you here but welcome regardless!!!|) Hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!!!

Hi and welcome Looking forward to seeing you in the verse

Welcome to ADI! I love to do some bounty hunting from time to time myself. Hoepfully we can team up for some of that in the verse

Welcome to ADI and welcome to Star Citizen! Hope to see you out there

Howdy Feather, and welcome to ADI and Star Citizen in general. This is a great bunch of people to learn about Star Citizen game play with, and a load of fun to boot. Suggest you spent ample time, and frequently, in the Discord org_chat channel and the Mumble server “Chatting” channel. Welcome aboard!

Hi and welcome to ADI. Im sure that you will find this org one of the best in the verse.