Im applyng

Hi, im applying to your org, my friend Perfection referred me here, i have star citizen for a while now, and havent played it much but id like to, and now i have the time (i think) and i wanted to play with my friend (Perfection) he said your org was cool so here I am :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to adi

Hello Migmac,

Hope to see you around!

Davide Nguyen

Heylo Migmac! Welcome to ADI. Glad to hear you got refered here by a friend! What are you looking for in game?

Welcome to ADI Migmac :slight_smile:

Awesome to have you here. People are really nice here so you will soon have a lot more friends to fly with.
Hop on Mumble and Discord and there will always be someone to talk to or get help.

welcome to ADI Migmac!

great to have you here, its a good time to join too, weve been doing several operations in game recently thatve all been pretty fun.
hope to see you around!

Welcome Migmac! This is a great game that’s coming along nicely, glad to know your applying!

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you onboard with us =D, see you in the verse buddy

Hi Migmac!

Welcome to ADI!, Always nice when you know someone who can give you an overview of what its like before you join! What ships do you/want to fly?

Welcome, Migmac! Perfection is a great guy so we are happy to have his friends onboard with us. You will probably end up playing Star Citizen more, now that you have lots of people to play with. I’ll be seeing you.

Good to hear Perfection has summoned another pilot out of the 'verse to join us! Welcome to the Org and happy flying :smiley:

Welcome to the org mate! See you around