I was thinking about Ship upgrade paths and made a thing.

Evening all, I got bored yesterday evening and whilst thinking about ship upgrade paths I decided to look into what the paths for ship upgrades were.

I also decided that my current software I was using for flow-charting was a bit boring and I wanted to try something new.

I’ve linked it to an album showing the different versions of it between last night and this evening.

If you’ve got thoughts or feedback let me know and I can improve things.

Edit: Updated the image to the latest version with the M50 and 350R

How neat, so cool to see the pathing laid out like this, very helpful! Thank you for sharing it with us. :smiley:

Nice work!

No worries, in fairness, Reddit has had access to the previous versions for two days now, but I figured getting it to a presentable state would be better for letting people that matter see it.

When I get home this evening I’ve made more tweaks and added more ships. The ones that don’d have CCU and upgrade options. I’ve split them into hangar ready and concept categories. I can’t upload from work as the logon page for Imgur is blocked for some reason. I can load it and browse through all the dodgy pictures already there, but can’t add my own.

Nice flow chart, thank you!

But no Gladius?

Brilliant! Most useful and THANKS!!


There we go, got the Gladius and others in there now.

Thank you Nimmo and for adding the Gladius!

Well done!
This chart really shows that upgrading from an Avenger is at the moment reeeally limited.
Do you plan on updating it regularly?

Perhaps, post the file so we can all upgrade it.

It is my intention to update it regularly and I have no problem sharing the source file. When my desktop is booted up I’ll put a link for it somewhere.

I cannot attach the source file to this post sadly, so here’s a link to it on my cloud storage thingy I’ve got: Linkage
I used yEd Graph Editor to make it as it was free and offered the ability to automatically lay out the nodes in the graph as well as all sorts of other stuff.

I know it’s a double-post and that’s usually bad, but since it’s been dead a while I decided to just go ahead and do it…

Here’s the latest version of the CCU chart:

This might be a bit cheeky, but here’s the reddit thread I posted and would appreciate any up votes or comments to help it get noticed.