I need help with Mumble and Intro

Hi i’ve been playing star citizen and with a suggestion from a friend i’ve decided to join an org and this one looked the best I could find, looking forward to playing with some over people and getting better

Also, I’ve been trying wanting to join ADI and I was about to message someone on the Mumble server (as it says in the joining guide) but the “send message” option was blurred and I couldn’t click it, I’ve tried to search up about it but I haven’t found anything to help me with. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

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We’ve seen you pop in a few times over the last 2 days. You just need to wait around longer before giving up. When you connect to the mumble server all of the staff are alerted, but sometimes due to work, family, etc it can take one of us 15-20 minutes to hop on to do an onboarding.

Activity levels are pretty low over the last week, since most of our staff and members are waiting on 3.18 to drop - which hopefully will happen sometime today.

TLDR; Get o mumble, and sit tight, somebody will show up to onboard you as soon as they can.

@GDoc if you hope on at 4:30pm ADI time / Chicago time, I can onboard you.
In fact, I’ll hang out in the Lobby to greet you.

Should be easy since your names all match across sites & apps.

Talk to ya soon.