I like space

I got the two starter ships and I mostly travel with the Aurora so I am used to be able to exit the seat every now and then while in space. You can probably tell what Im gonna say next. This time I traveled with the Mustang and after 10min of Quantumdrive I exited the seat, sending me of into space xD Please tell me I am not the only one who was stupid enough to do that


Solar winds man, they can be tricky.

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I have done that a few times, but I meant to press the interaction key. I have never pressed Y on purpose in a single seat fighter

I’m guilty too.

Well, I just “had to” pull that button on my seat (while in hangar, lol).

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The other night I was flying my super hornet and got into a spat with the bounty I was hunting. Him and four of his buddies bested me. Right before my ship blew I ejected. I was like sweet I lived! But I just was floating there. Looking at arial…and floating there. Then just to backspace my self to port. Ejection seat is great until your marooned

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That used to happen, and guys got rescued but that was because we partied together as a matter of course. I think guys are partying up less and less these days. I remember a time when it took me an hour just to get to a player just to rescue him. That was a long wait for him and a long drive for me but we did it. We made it happen. It’s going to be part of the game and after all, isn’t that a benefit of being clanned up? Any ways, this post isn’t isn’t intended as a criticism but an encouragement, to myself as much as anyone else who reads this, we should be partying up more often when we’re in game… for rescue, for safety, for friendship if not basic team building. What’s our response going to be when HHN or a pirate org takes out a couple of our guys if we’re not partied up to respond; zip, nadda, zilch and that should not be.

That moment when you hit the button and then think that you shouldn’t have, but the animations are already going xD But it is awesome with at least the non-fighter cockpit style ships that you can walk around while on the move, right? :smiley: On the fighters they maybe should build in a safety function asking if you really want to do that while moving. I mean, if you really need to get out of a moving ship because of reasons, there is the emmergency button, right? :wink:

I am for that too - BUT;
…it takes SOOO long to get players into a party and then together in the universe. Are they on your friends list, am I on their friends list, sit at the menu until all the players get to their menu, group-up, pull, either travel - or wait for others to travel.
When I get into a party, I spend the first 1/2 hour or more either traveling, or waiting for other to travel.

I like the planned events because everyone knows to be at a specific place and time so we can start.

I tried a few times to get into a group doing a ‘mole’, but gathering 4 or 5 people on the same server, to do the same thing is nearly impossible.

After the 3.8 go-live, everyone is running around trying to rebuild their bank - grouping up is a HUGE time-sink…

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