I got Invite to the PTU somehow

Somehow I got an invite to the PTU? Maybe everyone did? Hope so. Anyways looking forward to getting in there and that’s where I will be spending 99% of my time testing things out. If anyone wants to set up an FPS battle on a Starfarer send me a PM or let me know in Mumble, Saw a vid on that and it looked pretty cool, otherwise I’ll see you guys in there.

I saw a post that suggested that anyone who “applied” was being given access to the test servers. I was a bit unclear on just what the process was. So, I guess in theory, everyone can go. That probably also means 2.4 is getting close if they are moving on to stress testing.


June 10, 2016 2:24:02 AM UTC
WLeverett-CIG: Also, we've unlocked PTU for all players tonight. If you're a backer of Star Citizen, you have access to 2.4.0t.