I Dragged a Dead Body to the IAE Show Floor

I decided to do some NPC bounties and recorded a video. Long story short, I crash into an NPC ship and he explodes. I lose my left wing and part of the engine in the process, so I decide to call it a day and head to New Babbage to check out the latest showings at the IAE.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I land at New Babbage and get out of the pilot’s seat. When I turn around, I’m shocked and horrified to discover a dead person in my ship. Being a n00b who’s been playing for just two weeks now, I figure it was a player who snuck aboard my ship and somehow died in the process of trying to kill me. But further down, I see what looks to be part of a ship’s stabilizer/wing…within my ship.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like that crash from earlier caused the NPC pilot and part of his ship to clip into my ship and remain there. Now that I’ve flown him all the way to New Babbage, I do the only logical thing. I take his gun, drag his corpse all the way to the IAE show floor, and then leave him there right in the middle.

Edited with a short version of the vid.

Vid Here


Hahaha, that’s awesome Blaze.

I believe you may be correct, I have found scrap aboard my Sentinel a few times in the past after grinding bounties, but never paired with a corpse. That’s a unique feature right there!

Now you’ve got to visit the salvage yard and a morgue to deposit your loots!

Sadly neither of these mechanics are in game yet. Can’t wait for salvage!

I have a strange feeling that this could become a thing. People dragging bodies to the Expo.


I saw someone dragging a body at babbage, it might me catching on.

Dragging a corpse as you whisper to yourself over and over “don’t be suspicious”

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HAH, ok that had me laughing at the end, the dedication dragging him there, roleplay wise hilarious lol

haha awesome

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