I don't miss First Formations!

Just wanted to put my intro up, with a bit of sauce.

I’m Timah!

I’m a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army. I have been hearing from JDAM about this ORG for a few months and I’m just now making the proper moves to be a member proper.

I look forward to getting to know all of you in the near future.

Don’t be shy and shit.

Say hi.

Because not saying hi is rude.

Hey Timah!

Welcome to the crew! We definitely are not shy :slight_smile: Glad you got everything set to be a member, will be great having another veteran in the mix. Looking forward to flying with ya

Hey Timah,

Not looking to be rude here! Welcome to ADI, I’m glad you’re here! Nice to have another vet, I spent my time in the Navy. What do you think you want to do in Star Citizen? Also, take advantage of our Mumble and Discord servers to connect with other members. See you out there…

Welcome to Star Citizen. Think you’ll be a Star Marine, fighter pilot or something less obvious? You should find plenty of ex-military people here. See you in the verse!

Semper Fi and welcome aboard!

Gratitude to all! I’m beginning to feel like a hardcore member already!
I am leaning towards doing salvage ops and bounty hunting. Mostly Bounty Hunter, though. I look forward to pewing and flying across the verse with the lot of you!

My body is ready, but my PC is not. laughs in sudden dispair

Hello Timah,

Glad to have you with ADI. Thank you for your service! I’m looking forward to seeing you around on mumble in game. Be sure to check out one of our Friday night flight nights. All the best to you!

Hi Timah,

looking forward to see you in the verse

but if you want to get in touch with every member of ADI, this could take a long time, until you get all of our 4500+ members to be known :wink:

hope to see you on a future flight night



I think I should have my master machine completed in about 3 months. 4 max.

CIG time or real time?

Welcome to the team Timah!

Hello and welcome to ADI, Timah

Show your presence in discord and mumble when you have time, have fun flying with us.

See you soon aroud mumble-discord and the verse.

Real time. :slight_smile:


I thank you for your service and yes, it is rude not to say hi!!!

Welcome and i hope to see you out in the PU my fellow Citizen.

Silverstash out.