I am still here, I promise

Hey guys, Zultanath here. I kinda fell off the radar for the past 10+months and I wanted to apologize for that… Life just got really busy and the few spare moments I had to do what I wanted were spent playing other, quicker games that I could play for 20-30 minutes and then get off.

Anyway, I’m actually at work(slow day), so this is being typed on my phone, but I promise I’ll be more active coming up.

Since I’ve been gone, I got married last July, had a week off for that and then came back to work with 2 people being fired and another quiting, so I went to working pretty much 6 to 7 days a week instead of 5 lol. Moved in October, and then finally in March they finally hired enough people, who actually stayed, that I finally got my weekends back again, but then had 6+ months of catching up on everything I wasnt getting done. Anyway, now my life has slowed down again and I am getting back into being in gamed and online. I need to get star citizen updated and get in to learning what’s in the game so far.

Oh did I mention I also have my first baby on the way, my wife’s 13 weeks prego, so ya know, fun times lol.

hope to see everyone in mumble. I’ve run into nuclear a few times, but seeing as how ADI has grown tremendously over the months I was gone, I see I have a lot of people to meet lol.

Welcome back and congrats on the family! Get mom and child their own SC accounts. :slight_smile:

Heh, I wish. She isn’t in to games like this. She plays RPGs or Side Scroller games for the most part. Not huge into the Multiplayer aspect of games.