I am still alive

Hi Guys,

Its been a long long time, I joined when ADI was probably around 200 members at that point of time, just letting you guys know, it is great to see ADI grow big and mighty :slight_smile: , though I am not completely out of the woods yet , but letting you know I am still alive and my loyalty still sticks with ADI.

I am just waiting to save enough cash now to get a good gaming rig soon probably by or before Christmas , hope to see you guys in space and fly with ya!

Welcome back, we’ll be waiting for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll have a shiny new rig for when 2.7 comes out! Sweeeet!

or perhaps 3.0? but as always thanks for keeping us updated and Rule #3

I am also alive :stuck_out_tongue: but start a series of 7 surgeries in a few hours. I am not looking forward to this. :cry:

I hope you are doing well now.

Hope things went well. Get better soon.