I am coming back

I am Baalduron Rightiousblood! I have played in the past and am returning with a new computer and excitement for the game and 3.11 . I played some in 3.10 and when 3.11 launched recently I wanted to get involved at a higher level. I did play 4 years ago, however my PC could not handle the game.


Welcome to ADI Baalduron. I’m glad you joined the team. It’s been my pleasure to usher you into the org.

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Welcome to ADI Baalduron glad you came back to the game what feature made you return if you don’t mind me asking.

Congrats on the new computer, and definitely welcome back to ADI!

Welcome to ADI @Baalduron!

Good talking with you. Hope to travel with you more in the 'verse.

Hi Baalduron, Welcome back to the game. Let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome back Baalduron.

Welcome / Welcome Back, @Baalduron. Gratz on the new machine. I hope you love it. I also just built a new one but using an old GPU until the recently released ones are really released.

Welcome to ADI @Baalduron!

You may have needed an upgrade anyway. I had to upgrade my PC for Star Citizen too, my old hardware ran 3.10 fine but 3.11 added new CPU requirements that my PC didn’t support and just crashed on start up.

It was fun playing with you earlier today!

Welcome to ADI! I’m pretty sure we have all felt the pain of an under performing system trying to play this game :slight_smile: Glad you managed to upgrade to something that can handle it and get back in. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI baalduron. I hope you find what you are looking for in ADI and I look forward to seeing you in the verse. Don’t forget to check out the forums and SIGN UP for any org ops and training that interests you.

No feature, My PC could not run the game well before… now I have a new one.

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Thanks to everyone for t he great welcome. I appreciate it, I have had fun so far with it. awesome game and really had fun in the Conga Line last night, LOL

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Welcome back to SC @Baalduron! Glad you upgraded tour computer an dsm have found us. Glad you already got a few friends in the conga line.

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