I am back

Hi All

I registered a long time ago. Back now

Hello Achie. Welcome (back) to ADI.

This is an exciting time to be returning to the game. With 3.0 hopefully right around the corner there should be a lot of new gameplay being added. Have you thought about what you might want to try first when it does drop? I know I’m going to head straight for my Freelancer and try making some cargo runs.

Glad you decided to return. Hope to see you back in Mumble to finish your onboarding.

Welcome back Achle glad you did not forget about us things are starting to get exiting with 3.0 and the sale around the corner if you have any questions just ask. What are you looking forward to in 3.0? I know I’m getting excited about having some more missions and some moons to explore.

Welcome back Achle!

Thanks for coming back. Hope you are excited about 3.0 coming out. Look forward to chatting with you.

Welcome back Achle,

3.0 is coming out soon hopefully and we’re starting see a lot of returning members and players. That’s great. Hope to see you around on mumble