Hows it going everyone?

Hi All,

Its been a while …probably 2 weeks since I have checked into forums…though I do hang about TS3 sometimes , and play War Thunder with my ADI wing buddies.

I have been out as I am yet to get the dang game … Paypal with ECheck process is lengthy as it can get.

Hoping to get a chance to download it on Tuesday , my money has been taken from the bank account…just hoping to get it downloaded by Tuesday.

Going to get my Joystick on Monday, I got a email confirmation on it.

Hey bud, looking forward to fly with ya!

I do not know how everyone is going, but if you were to ask how just I am going, I am going fine!

Doing FANTASTIC Thank you!

Hope you are as well! :slight_smile:


Yeah me too bro , I can hardly wait for this …its been too LONG! to wait for a game of my dreams to become a reality.

I still remember my dreams of flying out a carrier with my HUMAN wingmen :smiley:

Glad to hear. :slight_smile:

I am doing good , just a bit of hang over though hehe

New here but doing fine , thank you for asking lol