Hi fellow citizens,

I’m new to Atlas (well I accepted the invite a few weeks ago but haven’t registered on the site until now) and just want to say I’m impressed from what I’ve seen so far. A game like Star Citizen is going to need a bunch of folks with your organisational skills!

I look forward to training and serving with you all as the game progresses, but was also curious if you play much together in the current game version (Maybe a bit of dog fighting training etc)?

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard Duubz!

HELLo ! im rather new mysellf and im not currently playing almost at all. im wating for keyboard and stick preorder more or less to start again, but i should start erlier i just dont wan to re learn everything with all the key changes!

Lol I know how you feel, I had only just about got used the controls before seeing the changes on 2.4. I’m waiting until 2.4 is released to everyone before I get back on there to relearn how to fly.

Nice to meet you. :sunglasses:

Many of us play in the PTU and PU actively on mumble. You are more than welcome to join us in testing and our practice whenever you like. Everyone is friendly here(unless you question their skills etc lol), much on going theoretical discussion going on as well.

Always looking for new opinions.

What division and job did you sign up for mate?



Welcome!! Get on Mumble… Love to fly with all of you sometime.