HOTAS Button Config Software

I just purchased an X-52 Pro that is set to arrive in a couple of days. This will be my first foray into the world of HOTAS sticks and setups. I’ve heard many different opinions on software to setup button configurations and I am wondering if there is any consensus on the subject or if anyone can direct me to a particularly helpful program to get me lean and mean for the DFM.

Thanks in advance for any help and I cannot wait to hit the DFM with all of you.

The Saitek Smart Technology software is a great config tool. We use it for everyone who has a Saitek joystick. And it’s standard to the joystick itself. We have profiles created for BMS and will be creating profiles for SC once the DFM is out.

That is the easiest answer I could have hoped for. Thanks!

Yeah I hope to have X52/X52Pro/X65F profiles within a day or so of the release.