Hola (That's hello in Spanish... pretty sure that's right)

Hi there, I’m Barry, oh wait, I’m not supposed to use my real name online.
Well, I like candle lit survival meals, and long walks on the station promenade. I’ve been playing games for way longer than I care to admit. Some of my all time favorites are Rainbow Six, Arma, and Tie fighter/X-wing.
I’ve been wanting to find a good community for some time, and you guys seem pretty legit. Caeci has convinced me.

Welcome, Snuggles! It was great chatting with you. I think you are making the right choice joining ADI. I am looking forward to getting into the game with you once I am back from vacation. In the meantime, join in with the rest of the org in mumble and discord. ADI is a great group of people and it has been a great experience for me. I hope that you come to feel the same way. Now that you are part of the family, don’t be a stranger. See you in the verse!

Hi Snuggles,

Welcome to ADI! The rainbow six series was pretty great, I sunk a lot of time in the first Vegas myself. What division did you want to join? Feel free to reach out if you have questions. I hope to see you in mumble and in the verse soon.

Hey Snuggles.
This Org is pretty cool to be a part of. I have been enjoying my time as a member and I think you will too. I look forward to playing with you in the PU some time soon.

Hola Snuggles,

Welcome to ADI and I hope we live up to your expectation.

Hope to see you on mumble sometime.

Como esta Snuggles!?
So glad you decided to join ADI - this really is a great group of people! See you out in the verse!


Hi Snuggles,

Thank you for joining ADI and great game experience you bring. Currently I’m enjoying some Tom Clancy’s Wildlands before BF series.
Been gaming a long time ever since the XT PC my brother bought…

Bye changenl

Hello SnugglesMcHuggles, and welcome.

Aww, you guys are all so sweet. Hugs and snuggles for everybody!

Greetings SnugglesMcHuggles, welcome to ADI. What professions do you think you’ll pursue in SC? If you have any questions please let us know.

Greetings SMH! welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, if you have any questions or need any help feel free to reach out here, or on Mumble, see you in the Verse’

Welcome to ADI, I am a huge Caeci fan. Feel free to look me up on mumble always down to fly or help out in any way I can.