Hey all!

Got an invite to be a part of your community, so I wanted to come check it out…

I’m a long time computer fighter jock from back in the 80’s, flying just about every flight game from Falcon to DCS to X-Plane, and also the classic Wing Commander series from Chris Roberts.

I fly an X52 HOTAS with pedals in a traditional flight config (yaw on feet), I really like the Arena Commander Racing and would love some mates to compete with on the track and the Dogfighting arena!

Welcome Jinx!

Had a great time talking with you tonight. Welcome to the crew!

Welcome to ADI!

Hello Jinx,

Great to have you with us. Ah Falcon, that game takes me back. That’s awesome you’re such a long-time flight sim fan. I look forward to flying with you when 3.0 comes out, I hope we catch each other in game sometime. All the best to you


How do you like your HOTAS? I’ve been in the market and cant seem to decide on one.

Welcome to ADI HiJinx79!

Hi Jinx,

welcome to the org, good to have you with us. You choosed a got flight setup by the way and i think, you will find a lot of people to have fun on the racetrack with (in AC at the moment and soon on the tracks down on moons with 3.0)

The Original Wing Comander was great, i just bought the Package some weeks ago, maybe i try to play it again on my PC, back in the days i started with floppy disks for WC on my Amiga 500 and then switched to this hundreds of CDs with Wing Comander 3 & 4

so see you soon


Welcome HiJinx, Looks like you are the perfect match. Lets get in there and do some racing. It can be such a thrill one minute and so frustrating the next. I love it.

Welcome to ADI!

Oh boy HiJinx, I’d love to join you on the track for some racing. Lets definitely plan a few races and warm up for 3.0 release. Glad to have you on board.

I too am a DCS fan. Can’t wait for the F/A-18 Hornet to drop!

Happy Hunting,

Hi HiJinx79,

welcome to ADI. Nice you join us. If you have any questions, join us in mumble and discord and it will be a pleasure for us to help you.
I use a X52 pro hotas since years now and still happy with that. I dont have pedals but hopefully in the future.

See you soon around here and the verse.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries HiJinx!