Hijacking Vanduul Ships

I was informed that this organisation does not like piracy. But does that include stealing Vanduul ships? Vanduul are against humanity so then it wouldn’t be considered piracy, right? After all how cool would it be to own one of the biggest and hardest to acquire ships in the game (Kingship). If we sold one on the market then we could fund projects for new ships and be known across the whole game community.

PS: I have been planning a way to acquire one for months and have done a large amount of research on it.

I don’t honestly see that as Piracy.

I get the feeling the idea of “Piracy” here is PVP ganking for no reason.

If we get into a scrap and their ship is among the spoils we aren’t just going to space it on principle, it’ll be down to what’s cost effective and if we “want” it.

As for going out and engaging hostile NPC’s with the goal of looting their ship, as long as it doesn’t piss off the UEE I don’t think you’ll have a problem… in fact you’ll probably find some volunteers wanting to get their mits on Vanduul tech.

I see piracy as an unprovoked attack on another player who has done nothing to you or crimes which consider you an enemy of the UEE so as long as your activities don’t make you an enemy of the UEE or conducting unprovoked attacks on players who didn’t start something first you should be fine.