Pretty excited to be joining the org. Currently playing Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. Hopefully Star Citizen will come out in this century. Looking forward to flying with you all. o7

Welcome on board friend!

Hi scandalous!

Welcome to ADI! We’re all hoping to keep as few gray hairs as possible by release of Star Citizen. What ships are you running or play style are you hoping to engage in? Mostly exploration here, maybe one day I’ll be able to figure out how to take beautiful screenshots :slight_smile: See you on Mumble!

Welcome to ADI Scandalous! Repeating Notuh, what do you look to do in Star Citizen? Also, be sure to jump on Discord and Mumble, and make new friends!

Hi scandalous,

nice name, i’m looking forward to the first time, we meet on mumble…

could be interesting conversations:

Hi, this is scandalous
of course

so hop on mumble and find a friend to fly in the verse



Hi scandalous,

Welcome to ADI, I’m glad you’re here. Hope to see you around in the Verse.

Welcome Scandalous,

That’s great you have some space sim experience. Glad you’re joining us. Looking forward to seeing you around :slight_smile:.

Welcome to ADI scandalous!