Someone teach me how to fly this damn space bricks :smiley:
Sincerely Seraphim!

Lol What is it your flying ? if its a Cutlass its not a space Brick … Its a clown car :smiley:

I think aurora fly like a brick…


Step 1: Look for the closest space window
Step 2: Fly through
Step 3: Don’t lie when space parents ask you about the space glass shards spread all over the space living room floor

Or, feel free to join up with me or any of the other AP&R folks who fly most nights around 10:00pm PDT.

We’d love to have you!

As Uncle smackey says get some practice in … and if your really not getting on with the Aurora that much , melt it and get a Mustang .They are less Brickey lol :smiley:

But much more papery :stuck_out_tongue: