HI !! ** waves frantically ..in a creepy sort of fashion**

Just popping in to say hello and droppin g my application off :smiley:

a bit about moi :slight_smile: (copied from my application, …ya im just that lazy right now)

I am single, 48 years old, ex-royal Canadian artillery 1987-1999(still love big explosions), Been gaming since Pong in 1975 and my Atari 2600. Still love FPS games and the Battlefield series is a love of mine for man y years but my main stay last few years has been RPG like Fallout series, Witcher 3 (almost 300 hours so far) still play SWTOR and will be playing Mafia 3 in October. This is my first real foray into space games like this. Might pickup a few other flight sim games to get better at flying and dog fighting as i am a bit rusty in tight areas like asteroid fields. I get my big explosions… just its often me…when i hit an asteroid…again :cry: .

I was an EA community admin on the EAUK forums for many years and moved over to the Battlelog forums. Unfortunately real life and my main civilian career became too busy to juggle 25 hours a week on the forums administrating and moderating for EA games and do 50+ hours a week at my fulltime job so i begrudgingly left left EA games as a community admin in 2013.

see you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard. I am also a Pong/Breakout veteran.

Welcome to Atlas, WookieWon! Sounds like you’ll be a great addition to our ranks!