Hi to all

My Name is J’evon but game name is FhaeTal pronounced as FataL. I was invited by FizBane2112 and I decided to join up and hopefully meet some kool players and friends. I am from CHicago I like to say Chi-Town since I live in the city. I love games and I have been watching SC since it’s conception and just just seems like a good time to become active and find a good group that’s organized and will be fun to game with. I have a few ships already and look forward to getting more. I like big ships but I hope to find a spot or division where I can be most useful.

Welcome Fhae Tal. If your in to big ship then you will have lots to do here. Probably given some time, you’ll find your passion. Looking forward to fly’n with you.

Greetings FhaeTal, glad to have you onboard. You’ll find this is a good group of folks to fly with, and they have your back. Ask questions, you’ll get answers, lol. Enjoy and see you in the ‘verse’

Welcome to ADI FhaeTal, glad to have you with us!

Welcome to ADI FhaeTaL! What’s you’re favorite thing to do in the verse now and how what do you think will be your favorite role in the game? Now is a great time to join and be a part of the organization. We have lots of great events and I hope to see you in the verse. Let me know if you have any questions.