Hi there, CrimsonMage here!

Hello everyone,
Just started my my career in Star Citizen. I’ve been awhile since I’ve gamed with a mic. Bear with me as I find my voice, lol. I look forward to playing with you guys.

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Welcome to ADI, mage. What ship you running? Also, it’s perfectly fine. I don’t usually game with a mic either, so I getcha.

Welcome Crimson, don’t worry too much about talking, you will find we are easy to get along with and easy to talk to in mumble. We are a friendly group that tries to help each other out when we can. hope to see you soon in the verse.

Hey there Crimson,

Don’t stress too much, there are plenty of us who never stop talking.

What gameplay do you like most in Star Citizen?

Hi Crimson, Welcome to Star citizen and ADI!

Welcome to the Team, CrimsonMage! You are not the only one getting used to a mike here… :wink: . What kind of stuff are you interested in doing in game?

Welcome to the Org CrimsonMage. Feel free to reach out to any of us on Mumble and we will help you with anything you need.

See you in the Verse!

Hi Crimson

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen.

What ship do you fly?

Keep well and see you in the verse.

Crimson, welcome aboard! if you ever need anything like a tour of the verse, some help with missions, a friend to fly with, anything really, you are more than welcome to ping me. i am always glad to help.

Welcome Crimson!

I just joined too, and it has been great.

hiiiiiii crimson welcome to the crew !

Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone!

I’m starting off in an Aurora.

I’ve only been playing a couple of days, so still learning the ins and outs. Honestly, I’ve been dying to be in a game where you can walk around a moving ship with a crew. This game is definitely scratching that itch.

FenStone and a couple of other guys showed me how mining works. I’m glad it’s not just point and mine.

I’m looking forward to adventuring with everyone.

Welcome to ADI! The mighty Aurora is a pretty good starter. I highly recommend doing as ,cub flying and combat practice as you can in it. Hone your skills in that little ship and you can become an incredibly proficient pilot in just about anything. And you are right about mining as well, it is definitely not point and click. Add in The refining work and it’s a pretty fleshed out job role. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI CrimsonMage. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.