Hi new here

Hi there
I got the started pack right after new years, and im really enjoying the game (the parts that work :slight_smile: )
But it became clear quite quickly that it is will be so much more enjoyable to fly with some friends, so im here to meeet all you lovely guys.

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Welcome to ADI Limpra! It sounds like you came to the right place. The game is a lot more enjoyable when you’re hanging out with friends and ADI has enough people that there’s always someone to hang out with. See you in the 'Verse!

Welcome, Limpra! Glad to have you with us. You really get a sense for the potential of this game when you team up with an organized group. I think you have found a home here. When you have a moment, let’s get you onboarded on mumble and plugged in so that we can all play together. See you soon!

Welcome to ADI Limpra :slight_smile:

Good to talk to you in onboarding and very nice to have another Danish viking here :stuck_out_tongue:

See you in the Verse!

Hello Limpra! Welcome to ADI! You have come to a great place to call home and the people here are awesome! The game is changing and it was great thinking to find an ORG that you can grow with. You will have opportunities and I encourage you to take them! See you in the Verse!

if your looking for friends in the verse you have definitely found some haha glad to have you on board. What division are you interested in Limpra? I am in PCS my self. Hope to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI Limpral. We’re happy to have you on our team. Fly safe and never alone in the verse now that you’re with ADI

Limpra, Hello and Welcome!

Which parts work do you enjoy? Do you own any ships besides the starter ones?

Flying with people is what this org is about! You’ll love it here.

Hello Limpra,

Welcome to ADI and lets know you in mumble and discord.
The game is more enjoyable when you play and fly with friends. Feel free to join us there if you have any questions. We are there to help you.

See you around here and the verse

Welcome ADI Limpra, and to the team that’ll watch your back out there.

I am also new here Limpra so welcome and I am sure it will be a grand adventure

Welcome Limpra. If you’re new especially then Mumble will be very helpful to get questions answered as you find your way around the game.

Thank you all the warmth of your welcome.

Lacoste has all ready given me the mumble and discord intro tour. He gets a 5/5 review from me :slight_smile:
He all so got me into Fleet security - combat pilot.

I only have the mustang right now as i wanted to test out a few ships before choosing a ship to buy.
The best parts of the game (that i have been able to try with a starter ship) is the fantastic feeling of zipping around asteroids or through the rings on a space station trying to out maneuver another pilot.

Thanks again, and see you in the verse.

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Welcome, Limpra! I feel what you’re saying about “threading the needle” on those high speed passes! I love doing that and buzzing the deck on a planet, great times. Hope to see some of those manuevers in the 'Verse!

Welcome aboard Limpra, look forward to flying with you. As you mentioned trying out new ships, don’t be afraid to ask in Mumble if there is a ship you want to fly in the PU. There are plenty of folks who would be happy to spawn you whatever you want to test fly.

Welcome to ADI Limpra, you’ll get lots of work in fleet security and lots of practice time be it in ADI’s weekly ops or just jumping into Mumble on your spare time. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hey Limpra, welcome to the org! Can always use more fleet security!

Welcome to ADI @Limpra looking foward to flying with you in Fleet Sec!

Greetings Limpra,

I just wanted to say welcome to ADI. If you need anything just let me know. I’d be glad to help out in anyway I can.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Limpra! You’re absolutely right about its better to fly with others :slight_smile: