Hi i'm new!

Hi i am Distro and am looking to join up and play some Star Citizen.

Hello Distro. Welcome to ADI.

Always nice to have another member on board. Have you considered what you might do in SC yet? Hopefully 3.0 will help us all out with understanding the final game mechanics.

Also, I was curious if your name is a reference to the word Distribution. If so I like the name.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Distro!

Thank you for going through your onboarding with me this afternoon, I look forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard Distro!

Welcome Distro!
I´m sure you´ll be a great addition to ADI :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Distro!

Hi Distro, Welcome aboard. glad to have you and look forward to flying with you.

Happy Hunting,

Howdy Distro! Welcome to ADI. I was curious what games you really love playing at the moment while waiting on 3.0? We currently love to play Ark, PUBG, Destiny 2 and many more games! But would love to fly with you in Star Citizen if you fancy! If you have any questions or want to play a certain game feel free to message or chat with me!

welcome to ADI Distro you have joined a great group of people looking forward to the future of Star Citizen what are you hoping to do in game?


We look forward to flying with you.