Hi, I'm New!

Pistol told me to be nice and say hi, so… HI!

Just kidding, I’m Croaker (officially Croaker8899), I look forward to chatting/gaming with a bunch of you! See you in the verse!


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Welcome Croaker. What do you plan to do in SC. And do you have some fancy ships yet?

Welcome to ADI Croaker. Thanks for joining the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI, Croaker. Hope to see you in the verse and playing with you soon.

Welcome Croaker it was nice talking with you I look forward to playing with you.

Welcome aboard, hope to see you in the verse soon

Welcome Croaker! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Croaker. What areas of the game interest you? What do you want to do in SC?

Well, to be true. I also spent days with chatting only in the verse. Mostly it was shortly before a new a patch was released and nothing new was to be explored. Chuckles.

Anyway, Croaker. I wish you a good time here, as well as in the verse.

Hey Croaker and welcome to ADI! You will find many members to talk to and game with, here in ADI! See you in game, soon!

Hello and welcome to ADI, Croaker. See you in the verse:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the warm welcome! I spent some time last night with a few org members and it made SC that much more fun. As they say, “It’s better to play with a group than with yourself”.

To answer a couple of questions that have been asked.

I’m looking to spend most of my time in the salvage and mining aspects of the game. I see these jobs as requiring a full compliment of tasks. Everything from piloting, scanning (prospecting), mining, scouting for salvage, fighter escorts, on ground squad tactics and cargo hauling. There by giving a team the chance to swap rolls once in a while to avoid monotony.

I don’t have any “fancy” ships yet. I’'m currently flying the Avenger Titan, which seems to be THE starter ship. I am looking to upgrade to the Cutlass Black (probably this weekend), as it seems to be just a bit better all the way around as a good multi functional vehicle, while also allowing for crew game play.

By the way, I’ve been watching server chat and learned that this, o7 is a salute. Does that mean that lol is “hands up don’t shoot”?

Great meeting you last night and getting to know your background. You’ve found the right org and definitely the right folks to experience SC. Glad to have you with us.

Oh well, who needs fancy ships? I guess all one need is a ship one likes to fly. I also got the 300 this spring. Yes, it is nice, it is lovely. But I can’t say that it turns me on incredibly. The same is valid for the 600 and the 890 due to their size and waste of space of space. What would be sexy, is something like family size Origin.

Hallo Croaker and yeah Pistols a tad demanding on the social graces but you’ll get used it! Welcome to Atlas!

Welcome Croaker to ADI, ya Pistol is an awesome guy but glad your part of us now see you in the verse man

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome aboard to ADI Croaker and yes, the Cutlass Black is current the best multi-role ship and it’s in most of Ops too. See soon in game!