Hi im Jores

Hi new guy here, I live in Tustin CA, just looking for a good time. I was a Marine along time ago and enjoy the competition. Look forward to playing with you guys.

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Hi Jores, welome to ADI. There’s a lot of ex-military here so you’ll fit right in. How long have you been playing and what gameplay do you enjoy?
It’s worth checking out the self certificates aswell upcoming sessions if you haven’t already.
See you in Mumble.

Hallo Jores and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! Looking forward to flying with you as well.

Thank you, just started. But ill see you around.

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Greetings Jores, welcome to ADI! Is your name pronounced Jores (like shored) or Jor-ez? Looking forward to seeing you around in the verse! Cheers, Brookesy