Hi Guys I'm New tismoj

I’m new my name is Jonathan Tismo (tismoj)
I like programming, SC, Server Admin, Linux

Hey, Tismoj

Welcome to the ORG. Glad I was part of your onboarding. Great to have another computer geek in the ORG. You will fit in just fine. Feel free to reach out to me on Mumble. Look forward to grouping in the Verse.

Welcome to ADI tismoj. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Hey Quelsar,

Thanks for the onboarding. BTW, I might actually take you up on that. See you in the verse.

Thanks Mesachie, me too, hope to see you too

Hi Jonathan

Welcome to ADI.

Have you been playing Star Citizen long?

Keep well and see you in the verse.

Hi Tismo, hopefully i’ll see you in mumble soon. What ship are you enjoying atm? I’m waiting for the the Herc but I really enjoy the stealth gameplay - No, I can’t make sense of that either.
Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI, my guy! See you in the verse!

Hi Tismoj, Glad you decided on ADI, we are a great bunch of people that love SC. If you ever have any questions about the game feel free to ask. Hope to see you in the verse soon.

Hi @FlamingAurora, only since the middle of the first week of the Nov. Free Fly event. I was Awe’d by this game, when I first saw it in youtube as the most immersive game as of date, but still in development, but when I found that it was 65 USD, I taught I’ll never play this game. I was wrong, before the free fly was over I spent 80 USD to buy the nomad Warbond LTI, and another 40.50 USD for an MR, as a second account, just in case any of my kids would like to partner up with me in the verse, and to get the DragonFly with LTI for both of my accounts, to later upgrade later. This is the most I paid for a game, This is the most I played ever since I started working 20yrs ago.

Hi @FatHeadedZebra, I fell in love with the nomad, for me its a mini cutlass, although it have half the missiles, 3x S3 hardpoints instead of 4, the 3x S1 Shields when replaced with 3 Palisades would equal that of the 1x S2 of the cutlass, though only 1/4th the hull of the cutlass, but flies better in Atmo and claiming it only takes 2 mins 15sec, instead of 13mins with the cutlass, So a really nice ship to start. But when I got the Prospector I loved it, until it kept killing me on entry 3 consecutive times. For the Cat, I never thought I would love as well, it had a certain beauty underneath the monstrous facade. But since I rented the Andromeda, before buying the Cat, to haul the refined ores, I would like to get the Phoenix and MSR as my main Runabout Ships, since they both could have S2 XL-1 for the fastest Quantum Drives.

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Hi @Shruikan91, hope to see you too, thanks for the warm welcome

Hi @Captnkanukles, Thanks, ADI got me on the apparently staged videos. hahaha. But also the Real life comes first policy, I’m a Father of 4. But really I would ultimately like to join in inter-org group battles.

Tismoj, it was great having you in the opportunity the op today. If you ever need help with anything I’d be happy to assist.

Sounds like you’ve started on that a slippery slope of purchasing :slight_smile: I’ve only been in the nomad a couple of times but I like the practicality of it. The landing gear is odd though.

Hey @GoldRanger, likewise, I really had fun and learned a lot, and will be participating in events like that whenever I am able.

Yes, but to clarify, the pledges that I have are just the Nomad for the Main account, and the MR, for my second account, which I’m hoping that 1 of my 4 kids would someday pair up with me in the verse and use it. Those other ships I bought in-game. But on the plus side, my Game buying days had subsided after those 2 pledges, and haven’t really looked at other games since then. Except of course hoarding those free ones from epic games.

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@tismoj well we have some big plans for the future and as more of the game is fleshed out we will be adding more opportunities to have those group battles. I think with this next patch and the xenon threat event we will have an opportunity to have a battle group that will be tasked with different aspects of the event which will utilize multiple divisions to complete.

Welcome to ADI, Tismoj! I’m trying to get my son interested in the game as well. I look forward to seeing you in the 'Verse!

Hi @Captnkanukles, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy with real life, my wife’s been on my neck about the updates that I need to do to our website, and web dev frontend is my weakest knowledge, so I could only do a few hour of gaming recently. Yeah I’m actually really hyped about the upcoming xeno threat and in the process of preparing for the event. I would be very interested in joining the org ops with regards to xeno threat, but I am a bit worried that I just joined this org and I still do not have any certs and that may become a requirement to joining the op though.