Hi from Wiseguy

Hi, I’m Wiseguy. 31 y/o male from New York, living in NC now.

I’m undecided as to what division I’d like to join, I still have some research and introductions to make before I’m ready to make that decision. Although I’m definitely gravitating towards something in logistics or support. I only have a few hours of gameplay under my belt so far and am looking forward to the training portion of Atlas’ mission statement. I am currently in between ships but plan to resume regular gameplay by the end of January.

I plan on starting with a reliant kore during my introductory/acclimation period to the game, while i get a feel for where my interests lie. Until then I’d like to meet some folks here at Atlas. I still have a good deal to learn about how life in Star citizen currently/will work and would like to make the connections necessary to have some work/goals read when I resume playing in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Don’t let this intro fool ya, I’ll live up to my name when given a chance. ;-p

Welcome to ADI! No rush in picking a division just hangout and find people you enjoy playing with man.

Hope to see you in the PU.

Welcome to ADI WiswGuy! This is a great Org to explore the verse with. If you have any questions about ADI or SC please hit me up via PM here or on Discord. See you around the verse!

Welcome to ADI Wiseguy, looking forward to seeing you online. :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Wiseguy! glad to have you with us, Look me up if you need any help here, or on Mumble, take care!

TY folks for the warm welcome, it’s most appreciated.

Welcome! I’m also new (granted it’s been roughly a week since I joined now), but still my point stands! Also since you’re not sure which division you want to join I’d recommend trying to strike up a nice chat with some of the TL’s of each division to get their perspectives and reasons for why they are where they are (that’s what I did). I ended up choosing E&S pretty quickly because of personal reasons and the staff of that division had a lot of the same interests/answers that I had.

Welcome to ADI Wiseguy if it is training and good people you are looking for then you are in the right place. as new game mechanics come out we will have the opportunity to begin more training. as far as what division to join I would say join the one that interested you. Do not worry about what will be coming next or last. I will see you around