Hi Folks

Joined ages ago, but have been working a lot, (i work in a hospital) so really haven’t been able to drop by one of the “staff meetings” yet, and have been having trouble getting my sticks (Dual Thrustmaster T.16000.m’s) to bind in-game so no idea how good a pilot i am in here yet, therefore haven’t applied for a section.

That said, Hello!

I have a basic pledge and ship atm untill the game proper launches anyway.

I’m 41, and have many years of gaming/guild exp.

Recently I’ve been playing Elite D. as a bounty hunter to good effect.
Also I’ve been playing a long term Medic/Engineer in Planetside 2.
before that lots of mmos including TSW, SWTOR, Mechwarrior OL, 5 years hardcore raider in WOW (now retired) ect lols.

Really looking forward to flying with you guys n girls!


Hello Rizla5,

Glad to see your message, and as we always say, real life first!

It seems like we haven’t received your application and performed your on-boarding yet, when you get some time, don’t forget to create a post in the recruitment forum and come see us in mumble to become a full member.

For your information, staff meetings are open to the staff only, however all the other meetings are open to every members. We had our full membership meetings yesterday, and divisional meetings will happen in the not to far future.


We hope to see you soon, whether in the 'Verse or anywhere else! :smiley:

welcome! fellow hospital worker and “retired” WoW hard core raider… granted I am just a few years older than you it is nice to have a fellow 40 ish out there.