Hi everybody

Hi everyone,

My name is Jean-Louis i’m 21 and i live in Belgium.
Looking forward to exploring the verse with all of you! :smiley:

Welcome, Helionox!

It’s always great to have another recruit aboard. I know our time zones will be a little different (UTC-4 at the moment), but if you ever want a copilot or to try out some ships you don’t know, don’t hesitate to reach out on discord or mumble!

What kind of gameplay are you looking forward to in Star Citizen?

Hello Helionox,

Enjoyed onboarding you. Looking forward to have you as a fleet pilot and to run some cargo on the side in your Freelancer.

If you have any further questions feel free to PM me directly. Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI, Helionox! If you have any questions feel free to voice them here in PMs. We’re here to help!

What professions are you interested in?

Hey Helionox!

Welcome aboard ADI. It’s great to meet you Jean-Louis.

If you need a wingman in the verse send me a shout-out in mumble.

Talk soon,


Welcome to ADI, Helionox! We are happy to have you with us. Get on mumble and get to know the rest of the ADI crew. We are also very active on discord. You are joining just in time to help us test 3.1. I hope to see you around!

Welcome to the Org. Looking forward to playing in the verse with you. Feel free to hollar if you need anything.

Hello and welcome, be sure to hang out on the Mumble and Discord!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, appreciate it a lot!

@Tselakal, Currently i’m mostly interested in transporting and commerce in general. Fleet sec seems pretty cool as well. I am a bit of jack of all trades and would definitely love to try everything the game has to offer…

Sounds good! T&C should be pretty interesting work, I would like to do some work with them as well. Keep in mind, you don’t have to only work in areas of game play associated with your division. You’ll be able to go for certs in any area that ADI participates in and do those other things.

Yeah i plan on getting certs in as much things as i can. The cert system seems like a great way to standardize members so it’s easy to play with different people. And if it’s fleshed out enough it could allow players to become an expert in a role or division they like. Currently i can’t seem to find that much clear info on it though so idk, but i’ve got faith in the leadership that it’ll be good…