Hi Enzosayain

hi I’m Enzosayain. i just started playing accouple days ago so still very new here. i hope to learn the ropes soon and be helping part of ADI.


Welcome to ADI! Which ship did you pick as a starter?

Hi Enzo, welcome to ADI

Hey there enzossyain welcome to ADI dw youll be flying with us soon!

rsi aurua mr


Welcome aboard! I started with an Aurora myself. I now have a fleet of 5 ships that I purchased with aUEC I earned in game. I remember my first days in the verse like it was yesterday. A Team Lead here at ADI took me under his wing and showed me around. Joining the Mumble is a great way to group up and get to see more of the 'verse.

i cant find the server on mumble

Hello I have Replied to you on Spectrum with steps on how to resolve this

Welcome to ADI Enzosayain!

It was very nice to talk with you Enzo, I hope to see you around on mumble and in some ops in the future :smile: