Hi all

Getting excited for the Dogfighting module now. Hopefully we can do some stuff in it OTHER than JUST dogfighting, but I will wait and see. I look forward to playing it with you all!



Please take a few minutes and follow these instructions so we can get your onboarding and interview done.


If you have any questions please contact me.

… I should smack all three of you… (Jay, Josh, and Glade)

Glad to see you again Martsmac! Haven’t seen you on teamspeak in a while. Hopefully everything is going well for you. I expect that once the DFM is release we will all have a ton of fun, even if it is just dogfighting. :slight_smile:

I have been thinking the same thing, because I have you on steam, and I knew you were from ADI, so I were wondering why you were making a post on the forums.

I kinda thought we were supposed to make regular Forum posts if a member (something I have been admittedly poor at).

Either way I was looking forward to the meeting on teamspeak on the 31st, but having just looked at my work calendar it has become apparent that I have to work that afternoon EST from 2pm to 11pm and as it usually takes me at least 30-45 mins to get home from work, I am more than likely going to miss the Meeting.

Is it a hugely important meeting ???


P.S. Yeah it is me from Teamspeak, signed up for this Org quite some time ago so I should have seen most if not all of you on there before!