Hi all, thank you for having me aboard "Rookmarduk"

Im a long time RPG and online Gamer and will help out wherever needed, Gunner, engineering, medic whatever is needed at the time. I have a few ships as well. Anyone needed a hand i can ride along and help.

Welcome to ADI! I’ve been playing games for a LONG LONG time - programming my own games since the 80s - Star Citizen is looking awesome, better every year. Glad to have you on board.

Welcome to the party, rookmarduk. I am a support kind of guy myself. There is plenty of crew activity going on so you won’t get bored. Looking forward to having you with us. See you around!

Welcome to ADI this is an exiting time to join up we are very active and have weekly operations going on so jump into mumble and have some fun with us

Welcome to ADI, Rookmarduk, glad to see ya here! If I need a turret gunner I know who to ask.

Welcome to ADI Rookmarduk :slight_smile:

There are so many roles to experience in Star Citizen and it is always nice to have someone joining us that wants to try it all and find the way.

I myself is in the Mission Support division so is you go medic I will be you SAR pilot bringing you into the heart of where you are needed to bring our marines to safty.

welcome to the organization @rookmarduk glad to have you on board. Having a few different ships you can spawn will deffinatly be an asset later down the road. See you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome Rookmarduk; I feel like you, that this is going to be a great ride. I look forward to working with you.

Welcome Rookmarduk, always glad to have 1 more with us to gun and patch.

Welcome to ADI, rookmarduk!

Always good to have an extra pair of hands on board! what part of ADI are you joining?

Welcome aboard!

Always nice to meet another soul we can rely on later! looking foward to flying around the verse with you!

@rookmarduk welcome, you will have no issues finding places to fill in for roles. Albeit there might be some limited slots for the time being due to the current technical limitations of the game.

Crew is always needed! Glad to have you with us Rookmarduk. We have groups doing things most nights, I hope you'll join us for some shenanigans. See you around the verse!

Always good to hear someones willing help with the versatile multi-purpose crew spots on ships as well as settle into the pilots chair! Welcome to ADI Rookmarduk!

Commerce and trade for starters.

Hello Rookmarduk welcome to the org. I been playing games all my life i really enjoy them, anyways i see you in the verse and if you need any help i be there to help you out =D