Hi all just another old fart😁

Thanks for inviting to joinADI

My name is Luiz Olsson, am Brazilian and live in Rio de Janeiro.
Am a retired fligh crew, last plane was DC-10 30 and 30-F (freighter). Before that flew Lockheed L-188 Electra Ii, Boeing 727 and Boeing 707, and many General Aviation aircrafts.
My professional life experience is very colorful, drove taxi, worked in Educational TV, then as a Photographic Reporter for a news agency, got my pilot’s license, went to some Aiplane and Helicopter Mechanic, and joined Varig Brazilian Airlines(bankrupt in 2006) as Ground School Instructor (have a degree in Educstion and incomplete Post Grad in Ergonomics).
My first contact with computers was in 1969, when I had an Assembler and RPG (Report Program Generator) languages for the IBM /360.
Started playing computer games with an Apple II the IIe.
Then moved to the PC. Played all Wing Commander Series and Privateer, etc
Played and still playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 4 and some more Steam games. Have Arma installed but wasn’t lucky to find a nice group so gave up. My favorite game for years was Hitech Creations, Aces High, a WW II air combat.
I think I’ll be happy joining the 'verse with you.
Will be 72 yr old on February 14.(I always forget that am over 70 and insist on playing like a kid😁)
Well, enough bla, bla, bla.
Take care all! Don’t expose to that crazy virus!:+1::+1::pray:
If you want to join me on Facebook just search for Luiz Olsson am the one with a DC-10 cockpit picture.

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Hey Bionicz, Welcome to ADI and glad to have you here. You definitely have and interesting life so far. Now let’s diversify with another one in the Verse; jajaja. Fee free to reach out to me on Mumble and hope to goup with you sometime.

Hasta luego hermano.

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Great intro Luiz, welcome to ADI!

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Hi Bionicz

Welcome to ADI.

That is quite a list of air craft you have flown. And I like your list of games to.

Have you been playing star citizen for long?

Also do hop on to mumble when you get a change so we can complete you on-boarding and welcome you as a full member of ADI.

Keep well and see you in the verse.

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Thanks! Will meet you there soon​:grinning::+1::+1:

Thanks! :smiley: :+1: :+1:

Just installed Star Citizen, still have to install Mumble.
Had been watching some tutorials on YouTube snd intended to start from there but received an invitation to join ADI and changed my mind.
Installed the game but did not play I’d rather speak with you guys and start playing the ADI way from the beginning. :smiley::+1::+1:
Got some work to finish at home now. :roll_eyes:
As soon as I install Mumble will contact you for guidance.
Take care, see you in the 'verse! :sunglasses::+1::+1:

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Welcome to ADI! You have had an amazing career, wonderful to hear about it. I am currently working on my Private Pilot license, with plans to get a commercial and fly for a living. And I work at an airport and have fueled a few of those aircraft types over the years, they are some of them ore interesting ones ever built :slight_smile: And while I have never been to Brasil (I do want to go some year) my mom got to live there for a couple of years as a kid while my grandfather consulted on the a big power dam project. They were in Belo Horizonte, so it’s cool to meet someone from somewhere close to there. See you in the verse!

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Welcome to ADI Bionicz ! Glad to have you here. If you ever catch me online and you want a friend to fly with, help with missions or learning any game mechanics, or a tour of the verse and its many beautiful points of interest. I am always more than happy to help. So cool to see other pilots here, I am currently training to get my private pilot license. Flying a Cessna 172. Maybe I could steal some pointers some time haha

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Hi gents! Thanks for the warm reception.!
Answering to Kalad1Stormblessed and to GoldRanger and any other prospective pilots.
We have a saying here that goes : “If advices were any good, one would sell them, not give them…” :grin:

First thing, an expression I learned in US: “Milk the mouse…” When piloting, don’t go grabbing the stick, or control wheel, as if you were going to fall from the airplane and your life depends on that white knuckles hold… The more force you use grabbing the stick, the more tension you put on your body, and the more nervous you get…
Relax, hold the controls with the points of your fingers, softly, “milk the mouse”. That way you achieve greater sensibilty and precision and keep cool! :smiley:
Always have the controls trimmed in a way that you let go of the controls and the airplane keeps flying, maintainig, speed and attitude.
When I was learning and had the plane out of trim, my Instructor(capital I) would ask me: “So! I see you like to fly out trim, (and he would trim full nose down and I had to use full force to prevent a crash, then he would trim full nose up…) so hold it now your SOB!” :eyes:
I learned fast how to trim properly…
Attitude changes:
Cruise to climb: climb attitude, climb rpm, climb speed, TRIM;
Climb to cruise: cruise attitude, cruise rpm, cruise speed, TRIM;

Cruise to descent:descent attitude, descent rpm(or reduce throttle and go to descent atitude), descent speed, TRIM
Note: attitude changes and rpm changes are done together, most of the time, pull nose up to climb increasing rpm at the same time, and so on, unless you want something out of the normal.

And on final to land, stick controls speed, throttle controls descent rate.
If speed increases pull back on stick, if descent rate decreases, reduce power.
If speed decreases, stick forward, if descent rate increases, add power. ALWAYS IN TRIM!

You must be bored to death by now… Take care!

Meet you in the verse! Bionicz, over and out! :grinning::+1::+1:

PS: If you can’t fly now in real life, train the above in a Fligh Simulator (not Space Sim, different principles) your flying will benefit a lot. :+1::+1:


Welcome to ADI young fella. I’m glad you joined the team Bionicz. I look forward to running into you.

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Take care!
See you in the 'verse! :+1::+1:

Welcome to ADI, Bionicz! Lots of good people here to help you out with your endeavors. Your experience will add a lot to the Team. I look forward to seeing you in the 'Verse!

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ADI is not a clan, is a Brotherhood! :smiley: :+1: :+1:
Have a nice Sunday!
Ssme feeling here, looking forward to meet all im the 'verse!

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Welcome to ADI @Bionicz! Sounds like you will be a great addition to our ranks. I hope to catch you on mumble one of these evenings.

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I think it’s the opposite. YOU ALL are great additions to my circle of frienship! :smiley: :+1: :+1:
Take care!
See you in the 'verse!

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