Heyho, Szegcs Here!

Hello Everyone,

I’m Szegcs, a backer since 2014 who decided to settle down, a long time miner / recovery specialist, who got bored of flying solo. Im also an expert pretending to be space debris (never been caught once :D). Also doubling up as a Guide on RSI spectrum to help populate the Verse! ^^

Looking forwards to all the refining and scrapping to be had!


I was just playing Minecraft last night with my 5y/o - I love the pic.
Welcome to ADI! What ship do you have?

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Welcome to ADI SCEGCS, glad to have you here! you found an amazing org to settle down with! scrapping should be loads of fun when they introduce it. you’ll find plenty of friends here to mine with. if you ever want to do some bounties with me, im always looking for people to assist in my group bounties.

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Welcome to ADI! There is Plenty of Mining here, I’m sure you’ll find a home here! Talk in Mumble soon. See you in the Verse!

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Thanks! :)) Try Valheim too, it’s a great survival game as well!

I currently own a MISC Prospector + a DRAKE Cutlass Black, and from aUEC got myself a few single seaters like the Tana to be able to fight :slight_smile:



I am not much of a fighter but will take up arms if necessary :slight_smile:

I’m sure once the Crew Positions come online you’ll find a seat, there will be a lot more to Combat than just shooting. I can’t wait for that.

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Oooooooooh CoffeeStain Stuidos too. I’ve been enjoying their Satisfactory on the unreal engine recently. It’s the only game that looks better than SC atm.

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I am way too afraid to get into Satisfactory, would likely rob me of the remainder of my life :smiley:

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Welcome to ADI Szegcs. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in our weekly mining exercises.

Hey Szegcs. Welcome to the org. This is the place to be to group up and not fly solo.

See you on Mumble and in game.