Hey there.

Just joined the org. Anyone excited for the new update?

Of course we are. 3.1 will be awesome. Its all the buzz at the moment. Welcome to ADI now is a good time to join.

Welcome to ADI, it was great to talk to you. Glad to get all your paperwork done. Anytime you want to fly men there’s always people around.

Hey TenshinoHikaru!

Welcome to ADI, give me a shoutout when you see me on mumble and we can do some multi-crew fun.

Yes, 3.1 is very exciting. I’m looking for player beacons, this will be a huge help when meeting up with others in the verse.

Let me know if you need a wingman.

Hi TenshinoHikaru,

Welcome to ADI, It was great talking with you during your OB. 3.1 is looking like it will bring some interesting ships into the mix, Im looking forward to the reclaimer myself.

Hey TenshinoHikaru! Welcome the org. I know that I am going to lose my mind to fly around some new ships for a bit. The cyclone looks like so much fun to run around in. I am also excited about the supposed stability improvements. See you around!

Hello, TenshinoHikaru! Welcome to the ADI forums! If you have any questions about ADI or SC please let us know. Also, be sure to get into our Mumble server to meet people and get your onboarding. Directions to the server can be found here: atlasdefenseindustries.com/join-adi

So, what aspects of SC game play are you most interested in? Do you know what professions you’d like to pursue?