Hey im new here

my names zembo12 i like beer and star citizen hello!

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Hello zembo, welcome to ADI hope to see you out in the verse. It was nice to meet you in mubble

Hey Zembo! Welcome to ADI. Nice to have you onboard! What ships you cruising in then?

just the avenger titan its enough for me to have fun will just try and earn a bit of money and upgrade as and when…

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That’ll do you just fine. Equally I find game is better in groups and stuff so you can always be a solid crew member! Also ask around before you buy. Most, if not all people will let you take a tour, fly and test ships before you settle on anything

Welcome to ADI zembo12. I’m glad you joined the team. That’s a great pairing; SC + beer.

Welcome to ADI Zembo12! Good to have another beer drinker in the ranks, looking forward to some wobbly flying the future :slight_smile:

Hey Zembo, welcome to the org. Beer and SC is a good combo I have to admit. If we end up playing togeher I’ll be sure to have a good IPA ready for the flight.

See you in the verse.

Hi Zembo, you can’t be going far wrong with those two. Welcome to ADI. There’s always someone on mumble looking to multi crew and so you’ll make money in no time. See you in Mumble