Hey guys, I'm back - received an e-mail about ALPHA, forgot-

Hey everyone hope all is well, i’m looking to play with you guys! Just received an e-mail that SC is in alpha. I forgot the Teamspeak info, anyone got it? Thanks!


Welcome back StrikerGalv!

We’ve switched over to Mumble instead of TeamSpeak actually. You can find instructions for connecting to that here: [url]https://atlasdefenseindustries.com/images/ClanResources/MumbleSetup.pdf[/url]

Currently Arena Commander is version 1.1.1. This will require a full reinstall, so delete what you have and start with a whole new fresh client.

Next big milestone is the FPS Module which should be hitting Soon™. This will give us zero G arena combat and guns!

Better yet… Do a full UNINSTALL (as recommended by the Release Notes), then download the new installer app, then update.

Aw man are you kidding me… alright… will get the new stuff.