Hey everyone!

Inferno here,

Quite new to the game bought it like 3 days ago.

Old player of Elite Dangerous and decided to try out SC

Hope you guys will give me a warm welcome and i can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI it has been nice talking with you I think you will fit in just fine we have plenty of new players with us and others that have been around to help out when they can. Jump in to mumble when you have time and we will get you onboarded. See you around

Hey Inferno! I’m an Elite fan too, but I have to admit, the new cargo gameplay in Star Citizen is great. Just walking into a ship full of cargo is a new perspective and adds to the immersion.

Hope to see you in the verse!

Hey! Welcome to ADI. Hope you have a different experience in star citizen compared to elite dangerous. There is a lot of more immersion in star citizen.

Hi Inferno,

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen! I used to play Elite myself, but Star Citizen keeps pulling me back in. If you have any questions please let me know, there is a whole lot of info to take in. Hope to talk with you soon.

Greetings InfernoSteam17 and welcome to ADI! What kind of stuff did/do you enjoy in ED? What aspects of SC game play are you most interested in? What profession(s) are you interested in pursuing once the game is live? If you have any questions please let any of us with blue names know; PMs are welcomed any time here or in Discord any time.

Welcome to the org, Inferno! I am also looking forward to playing with you. We have had a lot of former and current Elite Dangerous players who have joined so you should be in good company. Try to get on discord and mumble so that you can get to know some of the other members. If you see me around, make sure to say hi. Again, welcome to ADI!


Glad you decided to join us as your first organisation. I hope you find yourself pleased with your choice. We are all a fun and active group.

Hope to see you on mumble some time :slight_smile: