Hey everyone

Hey guys,

I started playing SC a couple of days ago and it got me really interested, and have been looking forward to a good open world sandbox game where you can do a lot of different activities for a while.
My previous experiences with dogfighting, flight sims etc is fairly limited and would not call myself a good flyer. I got a bit above average with helicopters in BF4 though. However I do love FPS games and have played several off them, take BF4, Fallout and COD as examples where I am relatively good player (at least above average).
When it comes to MMORPGs I played SWTOR (Star Wars the old republic) for a good amount of time and I was in a fairly competetive/hardcore guild there, doing some of the hardest PVE content.
In SC I will most likely be interested in the PMC aspect of the game, more specifically the FPS part and not too much of the dogfighting. But I am still going to go towards learning the flight mechanics and skills to a good level. Including exploring other parts of the game to earn income, such as trading.

Hi Xagriko,

Interesting name! what is the origin of it? Good to have you onboard and look forward to meeting you soon.

Hi Xagriko, Nice chatting with you. Regarding BF4 flying I had the same experience like you no good never hitting other planes. SC however is a different game, which can be flown by HOTAS and man that makes a difference :smiley:, so don’t rule yourself out as a pilot yet
Regarding tools of for the FPS: Just in PTU 3.0 I fired a railgun, that was first humming, than whining on my shoulder and than a blast! : :laughing:

C u in the verse!

Bye Changenl

Welcome to ADI Xagriko your experience will be great to have in ADI. If you have any questions about SC just check out mumble and the Discord channels most of our members will be happy to help with anything they can while you get oriented with Star Citizen

hey Xagriko, was good to meet you in your onboarding. I don’t remember if you said if you had 3.0 up or not. hope to see you in and we can fly together.

Thanks guys, can’t wait to fly with you guys either in the verse!

That’s a great question mouflon77, can’t really remember the exact reason for the name. Most likely from the random name generator in SWTOR I believe it was, or it was for some reason when I made my character there. I just got stuck with the name in there being my main, and just used it as a go to name when naming things in games after that.

I am downloading 3.0 atm Mac61, not going to be up before tomorrow. I have spent to much time at uni studying for my exams.

Xagriko, welcome to ADI, look forward to meeting up with you!

Hi Xagriko,

I’m glad you’re here with ADI. It sounds like you play a lot of great games nad have a lot of experience in FPS games and MMOs. You should fit in well. I played many of the same games you have in the past. I look forward to seeing you around and flying with you in game. All the best