Hey all!!!

Finally decided to join an ORG after a few years. Excited to be here and get stuff done.

Hey Andii!

Currently working on getting you onboarded on Mumble. But thank you for the introduction post, and if you have any questions that I maybe able to help, please feel free to PM me here through the Forums.

Hi Andii,

Great to have you onboard. Which division will you be in?

Bye changenl

Hello AndiiGNZ. Welcome to ADI.

Always happy to see a new face around here. What are you interested in doing in Star Citizen?

Hi Andii,

That’s awesome to hear that after a few years of waiting and choosing an org that you decided to go with ADI! Great choice :wink:. ADI is an excellent place to be. Be sure to check out the forums and calendar for info and events. Mumble is also a great way to get connected with our members. All the best to you